Monthly Archives: February 2011

Two Brain Creatures

Since the “Decade of the Brain”, neuroscientific discoveries indicate that the human being is a “two brain creature.” As stated in my earlier blog, the right hemisphere is most primary in the earliest stages of human development. The right brain allows for implicit communication with its interoceptive and exteroceptive environments and is particularly the case… Read More »

Matter of the Body

One of the main distinctions of western psychology and somatic psychology is the latter’s focus, attention, and awareness of the body. When one speaks of the “matter of the body”, one must acknowledge the relationship of the Latin mater, which means mother. All somatic approaches to healing engage the client’s relationship with their mother. As… Read More »

Difference between western psychology and somatic psychology?

The foundations of western psychological thought are rooted in Freudian psychoanalytic theory. Freud was interested in the phases of human development that occurred after language acquisition, that is to say after 2 years of age. This early phase of language development is described as the fraternal attachment phase or classically referred to as the “terrible… Read More »